This sounds great, but I have never exercised before?

That’s perfectly fine. We are just glad that you want to take that first step to a healthier you. For the seriously unfit we do need a letter from your physician saying its fine for you to exercise (it’s a good idea that you get that long-postponed check-up anyway!) and for the injured we want a record of your injuries with X-rays, scans and doctor’s and physio’s or other health-professional’s reports, if available. We take it step by step with individually tailored exercise routines designed just for you.

I have done Pilates and am a Fitness Freak, why should I choose AIM Pilates?

Good for you! Then you know how important exercise is for your physical and emotional well-being. At AIM Pilates we take our work seriously and make sure the key Pilates principles are always incorporated into your exercise routine. Be prepared for some “unlearning” though – we have found that regular gym-goers and even Pilates instructors sometimes get it wrong. For the fitter person we design challenging routines and incorporate weight-training and advanced cardio-vascular exercises in your Pilates sessions. Think you have mastered it all? Try our Ski-ERG (that’s a brutal machine Olympic cross-country skiers use for training) and see how you do.

What if Pilates makes my bad lower back worse?

Pilates causing or worsening injury is a common fear for many people. Any exercise that is designed and executed wrongly can cause severe injury, and badly designed, executed and supervised Pilates routines are no different. When we look at what routinely happens in gyms and typically how exercises are performed we often cringe in dismay. We are ethical exercise professionals with the best Pilates qualifications and are proud of what we achieve through hard work, persistence and dedication. We work in close collaboration with other health professionals. If we suspect something is wrong we will refer you to a health professional and we will not let you exercise if there is a chance of worsening any known or suspected injury or condition. There is a reason why we want your medical information – we carefully tailor-make your program to try and avoid injuries and in fact often help alleviate pain and lessen discomfort.

What can I expect when I start?

A big welcome smile! This is what will happen:

  • We ask you to fill in a questionnaire with basic questions about your physical health, past and present injuries, pain and discomfort, and what you expect from AIM Pilates. Just so that we know a bit more about you and what you expect from us. If you have old injuries please bring your documentation along so we can together work through it. If you have been referred by your doctor or physio, we need to know who they are so that we can consult with them if need be.
  • We then do a full body assessment where we assess your posture, body strength and flexibility. This forms the basis for designing your first routines and we often pick up problems or issues at this point.
  • We then require a few one-on-one sessions to on the one hand gain further knowledge of what we observed at your body assessment, and on the other teach you the basics of true Pilates as applied by AIM Pilates. We often get requests from experienced Pilates clients to bypass the initial single sessions but unless you show us you already have a good “mind-body” connection we will insist on it.
  • You will continue with single sessions until we think you grasp the basics of what we want to teach you and we believe you have a good “mind-body” connection. These could range from 2-3 sessions to 5 sessions or more. If you are here for rehabilitation, we will continue with individual sessions as this is the best way to address your specific needs.
  • You can then choose to join our group classes (if you are stronger and know what you are doing), our duets or our trios. Or you are more than welcome to continue with your one-on-one sessions.
  • A personalized program is designed for you that is updated for each session, which will either include machines, mat work, or both, depending on your needs and wants.