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What Is Aim Pilates All About?

There is Pilates, and then there is AIM Pilates.

If you have partaken in Pilates classes you are possibly thinking “been, there, done that” with probably some indifference or even negative thoughts about the whole experience.
This is unfortunate as there is so much more to Pilates than a bored instructor giving class to twenty or more people being forced to do strange things. Things which they shouldn’t be doing in the first place.
This is not Pilates, and AIM Pilates is not just “another” Pilates studio.

The “AIM” in AIM Pilates wasn’t chosen for nothing. It stands for –

“Reclaiming” what you have lost – flexibility, strength, correcting posture and assisting with injury recovery.
“Maintaining” your new found self and preventing future injury, or even postponing that looming knee or shoulder operation.
“Gaining” confidence, a stronger and healthier you, with increased physical and mental well-being.

Do You Want To Be A Part Of Aim Pilates

Join us!

What does this Cost?

Body Assessment

R 245

Pilates solo - R245

Pilate Duets - R225

Buy 10 sessions or more and get 10% discount

EMS Solo - R320

EMS Duet - R300

Buy 10 sessions or more and get 10% discount

Pilates Pensioners (above 60) - R215

EMS Pensioners (above 60) - R290

Buy 10 sessions or more and get 10% discount

What can you expect?

We design a specific exercise program for each of your sessions. Let us repeat this as it is important – for each of your sessions the program and exercises will be specific to you, your body and your condition and/or injuries. This means that at each session we also carefully review progress, and adapt your routine and exercises. All exercises and programs are logged on an electronic database, so we can at any time refer back to a specific day or session and see what was done, how you responded and what was changed. This gives us the ability to track progress in a measurable and scientific manner, pinpoint problem areas and facilitate interaction with other health professionals if necessary. It also means that we never push you harder than what we already know you can do, but importantly that you never become bored as there is always something new and challenging that we design just for you. For group sessions, duets and trios we try and put people of similar strength and experience together and even here accommodate individual needs to the best of our ability